Health Systems Global Inventory of Knowledge Translation and Cross Constituency Engagement Initiatives

A patient gets tested for malaria at a health centre in Kisumu, Kenya. Photo: Rick Scavetta/U.S. Army Africa

This inventory was assembled based on publicly available information, materials provided by Resource Persons, as well as In Depth Interviews with identified experts in the domain of Knowledge Translation and Cross Constituency Engagement. It is intended to be a living document that may be used as a reference and also a repository of ongoing efforts for the benefit of the Health Systems Global Community.


An initiative may be organized by a specific organization, but is not a separate legal entity. They often focus on one specific issue or health area (e.g. the baby walkers in Canada) and then no longer exist once the policy recommendation is either accepted or not.


A platform is an organization, consortium, or network. It’s a permanent (in that it doesn’t have an end date) institution that collects research on a broad range of health-related issues and recommends potential policies or guidelines to policy makers where there is enough data to make a determination.

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